Intentionally Practical. Intentionally Theological.

Perkins School of Youth Ministry, under the direction of The Office of External Programs at Perkins School of Theology at SMU, coordinates training programs exclusively designed to resource those in the church whose ministries focus on youth and young adults. PSYM has been engaging youth workers every January since 1988.

Conference details

For Foundations and Workshops Tracks:
January 6-9, 2020
Highland Park United Methodist Church, Dallas TX

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For Certification Courses:
UM Studies
January 2-4, 2020
Teaching Biblical Faith (a.m.) & Ministry with Youth (p.m.)
January 5-10, 2020
Perkins School of Theology, Dallas TX


The Most Practical Choice | Recommended 1-2 Years
$299 Early Registration (by 9/25/19)
$349 Registration (by 11/13/19)
$399 Late Registration (by 12/9/19)

Foundations offers youth workers and volunteers an extensive course on primary material for ministry including: Professionalism, Management, Volunteers, Safety, Relationships, Programming, Trips and Events, Leadership, Adolescent Development, Budgeting, Teaching, Communication, Self-Care, Resources, and more. Foundations is a preset track of workshops, separate from the “Workshops” track.


Ministry Practice and Philosophy | Recommended 3-50 Years
$299 Early Registration (by 9/25/19)
$349 Registration (by 11/13/19)
$399 Late Registration (by 12/9/19)

Select three workshops to sharpen an area of your ministry. Our ministry workshops are designed to provide key conversations around practical skills and implementation opportunities in four different comprehensive ministry tracks:
+ Practice of Youth Ministry
+ Theology of Youth Ministry
+ Spiritual Leadership in Youth Ministry
+ Congregational Youth Ministry


Ministry Practice and Philosophy | Recommended 10+ Years
Limited to 36 participants
$399 Early Registration (by 9/25/19)

$449 Late Registration (by 11/13/19)

Workshop intensive participants will learn about and engage in hands-on youth ministry resource design during their A block workshop in addition to a Monday morning session.

Certification TRACK

Theology for Youth Ministry | Recommended 3-50 Years
$899 Early Registration per Course (by 9/25/19)
$979 Registration per Course (by 11/13/19)
$1,059 Late Registration per Course (by 12/9/19)

Youth Ministry Certification courses are designed to provide graduate-level training in youth ministry. These courses also help persons qualify for Certification in the Youth Ministry through the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the UMC.

Applications will be available online on August 5, 2019 and must be completed before November 8, 2019 for consideration in our 2020 program.


Bart Patton
Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry Education
SMU Perkins School of Theology

2020 PSYM Design Team

Joy Allen
Claire Condrey
John Cravens
Eddie Erwin
Julie Lafosse
Charlie Ludden
Rev. Walt Marcum
Shanterra McBride
Michelle Moore
Emma Williams
Chris Wilterdink